Wales Coast Path overview


North point South point Date walked Distance
Greenfield Ffynnongroyw 02 March 2013 13.5 miles
Ffynnongroyw Prestatyn 14 June 2014 14.1 miles
Prestatyn Colwyn Bay 29 Oct 2014 16.3 miles
Colwyn Bay Conwy 09 Nov 2014 15.9 miles
Conwy Tal-y-bont 23 July 2016 14.4 miles
Tal-y-bont Beaumaris 23 August 2016 13.1 miles
Beaumaris Mariandyrys 24 August 2016 9.8 miles
Mariandyrys Traeth Bychan  11 August 2017  14.3 miles
Traeth Bychan Amlwch  12 August 2017  13.8 miles
Amlwch Cemaes  13 August 2017  14.5 miles
 Bangor Caernarfon  04 August 2017  11.3 miles
 Caernarfon Gyrn Goch  17 February 2018  15 miles
Gyrn Goch Porth y Nant  18 February 2018  11.4 miles
Porth y Nant Morfa Nefyn 22 June 2014 13.2 miles
Morfa Nefyn Towyn 21 June 2014 16.4 miles
Towyn (Llyn) Penllech 15 August 2014 7.07 miles
Penllech Aberdaron 19 November 2016 15.4 miles
Aberdaron Rhiw 20 November 2016 11.1 miles
Pentowyn Rhiw 19 February 2018 10.9 miles
Pentowyn Abersoch 20 February 2018 12 miles

3 thoughts on “Wales Coast Path overview

  1. Hello
    I work on the Wales Coast Path and look after the social media channels. I’m always on the look out for content and photos of North Wales parts of the coast. I noticed you had some lovely images of the Dee and I was wondering I could use them for our Facebook page please?

    I’m thinking of a “just for Fun – what was this taken?!” post for 24 hours and then post up the answer with whatever credits you’d like alongside. If you have a Twitter/Flickr account, I’d put up those details in the post.

    If not, then absolutely no worries.
    Kind regards
    p.s we don’t come across many photos in the Flintshire area so that’s why I’m asking.

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