Ickornshaw to Elslack

1 September 2013 – 10.7 miles

View from Pinhaw Beacon

View from Pinhaw Beacon

Our last Pennine Way walk of the season, and writing this up a year later, our last for a good while to come. Good job it was the walk that joined up the bits!

We packed up the tent etc. (the campsite was now a bit more occupied, being the weekend!) and drove over a fairly familiar route through Keighley towards Skipton then up on a road over the moors where we had stopped near convenient parking places. It was a bit grey and breezy today.

A sandy path uphill onto the moors. I wandered off it a bit to look at a carved stone to see what it said … it said, ‘Please keep to the Pennine Way’! I would have if you hadn’t put a stone there.


We continued dry underfoot over the ridge, to Pinhaw Beacon, then downhill, through a farm to the picturesque village of Lothersdale, complete with rather nice looking pub (too early for lunch, plus it looked the sort of place you took mum for Sunday dinner) and an old mill with chimney by the beck. Nice looking property for sale too.

House for sale

House for sale

We headed uphill out of Lothersdale on a narrow overgrown path between fences. It was quite a good slog uphill but with a good view back over the valley and the way we had come.



At the top of the hill we met a good track and followed this to some pleasant houses with greenhouses and hens scratching around. There was a very nice looking house under construction a bit further on, and we went a bit astray here – whether because we were more interested in the building, or whether it was just being on autopilot going along the track I’m not sure. Still we worked it out – only across the field. A short walk along a quiet road, then we went over a hill towards Cowling and Ickornshaw and through one of those fields full of curious cattle who grouped together and followed us down to the gate!

Curious cowsWe had lunch in the shelter of an abandoned farmhouse with empty windows. It probably hadn’t been abandoned for very long, and the shell of it was in good repair.

Ruined house

Ruined house

A short walk took us down the hill and into the villages of Cowling and Ickornshaw, where we did a bit of a loop up to the main road and back to return by the same route.

Elslack to Ickornshaw


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