Keld to Sleightholme Moor

Tuesday, 31st July 2012 – 17 miles

A brighter, more promising day. We set off from Park House campsite along the same path towards Keld, then headed uphill on the Pennine Way. It was a fairly easy walk, going gradually uphill. We were surprised how many buildings there were on the hillside and along the valley.

Old barn door

There were a lot of rabbits about today – some of the young ones especially were unconcerned about us walking along the path some yards away.


We could see the familiar view of the Tan Hill pub from some way back, and there were signs of the old mine workings in the area if you looked hard enough. We stopped at the pub for a drink then set off across Sleightholme Moor, which the guidebook describes as a dangerous place in bad weather. Fortunately, today was dry and bright … but we soon saw what they meant!

View to Tan Hill

The path was a fairly straight line, marked by white-topped poles. Then there were no poles visible ahead, no path visible on the ground and it was extremely soft and wet underfoot! We kept in a straight line, skipping from reeds to heather clump and were heartily relieved to get to solid ground with signs of boot prints! This section probably didn’t last nearly as long as it felt, and the rest of the way was reasonably firm and clear. It didn’t seem nearly as heavily used as other sections of the way, but then, it’s not the sort of place you’d come for a Sunday afternoon walk in the country!

Frumming Beck

We carried on until we met a shooting track with a bridge over the beck. This joined up with the alternative, bad weather route and the road which we followed back to Tan Hill, and then returned down the Pennine Way to the campsite. There was a cold wind on the top of the hill, and just a little drizzle as we neared home.

Old railway carriage

We tried to order a meal from them only to be met with “I’d like to give you a meal, but I’ve got no electricity.” No worries, we said we’d go to the pub, only to be told that they had no power, and nor did the village of Muker! so, after using the one warm shower by torchlight, we drove back up to Tan Hill for dinner! It was a good meal too.


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