Keld to Great Shunner Fell

Swaledale barn

Monday, 30th July 2012 – 12.6 miles

A few days away, camping at Park House, near Keld. A very nice, simple campsite with helpful friendly owners. They gave us an onion!

Park House campsite

We took a path above the campsite to near Keld. It had rained off and on this morning, so we were kitted out for the showers when they began soon after we left. Saw some impressive waterfalls on the way, then round the hillside, opposite what we assumed was the Coast to Coast path on the opposite bank (a well-made path with several groups walking along).

The sun was shining as we made our way into the tiny village of Thwaite where we fell for the temptation of coffee and flapjacks (and homemade ginger biccies!) at the hotel coffee shop. That kept us going for a while longer.

The path up the north side of Great Shunner Fell is a made up farm track, with some interesting rusty agricultural machinery.

It was raining again as we reached the fellside. Boggy underfoot with causey paving, although there was more of this underwater than I’d have liked. I did manage to find a gap, so my foot sank in soft mud, causing me to tumble onto the (dry) grass. It didn’t get over the top of my boot though!

Great Shunner Fell

The last bit up to the summit is fairly steep and cobbled with high cross retaining stones – that was hard work to pick your feet up! Cold, wet and windy at the top – I’d brought gloves this time. We’d been beaten to the best quarter of the shelter by a family, so got the second best one for lunch.

Only one more shower on the way back, but Robby had chilled and took a while to feel warm again.

Great Shunner Fell

We took a slightly different route back from Thwaite to Keld, on farm paths following the road on the opposite side of Kisdon Hill. In one field we were met by a friendly horse, who wouldn’t believe Robby didn’t have any food, and a territorial Jack Russell.

Friendly horse

Had a little look round Keld (there isn’t enough for more than a little look!) and tried to remember which building had been the Youth Hostel we’d stayed in some years ago (apparently it’s Keld Lodge, now the pub/hotel/restaurant).

Traffic jam near Keld


One thought on “Keld to Great Shunner Fell

  1. Thwaite is lovely, I had a mate who lived at Thwaite and we used to go and spend weekends with him…one winter the Buttertubs Pass was closed for a week and we were stuck there (but funnily enough we could make it to The Farmers Arms at Muker)…good job I had an understanding boss…

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