Wirral Circular Trail – Red Rocks to West Kirby

Sunday, 8th July, 2012 – 5.2 miles

This weekend we decided against a camping/Pennine Way weekend after the Red Weather Warnings of torrential rain, etc. These, however, turned into amber alerts for sunburn …

So here we are at home in the sunshine, looking for a Sunday afternoon stroll. We planned one, from Red Rocks in Hoylake to West Kirby, then realised when we got there that it is actually part of the recently launched Wirral Circular Trail. So there’s our plan for Sunday afternoon strolls over the next few months.

We walked along the beach towards West Kirby, heading in towards the grassy part as it got damp underfoot. The tide had not long gone out.

At West Kirby, we walked around Marine Lake, where there were a few windsurfers and children in canoes. There were a lot of sailing boats out on the Dee and it looked as if there was an event at the sailing club.

We headed inland and came back along the Wirral Way to the centre of West Kirby. It was very green at this time of the year. There are now far more cyclists than walkers, or so it seems, but it is a pleasant, flat, well-surfaced and traffic-free route.

Once back by Marine Lake we had to buy an ice-cream (of course) although it had gone a bit duller and cooler. There were fewer people sitting on the beach than an hour ago. We returned to Red Rocks in the paths through the dunes and marsh. We remembered there being a board walk here, at least for part of the way, but that now seems to be gone.


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