North Cheshire Way

View of Helsby Hill

Sunday, 27th May 2012 – Bridge Trafford to Alvanley – 11.3 miles return

The North Cheshire Way is interesting if not the most picturesque route ever. It’s what I think of as ‘industrial countryside’ – fields with a view of pylons, motorway and an oil refinery, and walking along quite a lot of (quiet) roads. I sometimes struggle to see beyond that to the green fields and wildlife all around! Still, it’s another path within an easy distance of home, taking us to places we might not otherwise go.

Roads and pylons

Sunday was roasting hot – difficult to imagine we’d had the heating on the previous week. We decided not to head for the Pennines as a) it might be a little on the warm side, and b) it would be my first walk since pulling something in my calf a week before the Chester half-marathon. As it was, the calf was fine, but the weather was HOT!

Being watched

What is the affinity between stiles and nettles? Seems such a long time since last summer I had forgotten about them. There was one, short but overgrown path where I had to wrap the map around my legs but still got quite stung. I’m not sure if it is because it is still quite early in the season, but they were pretty virulent – still tingling at night! I almost forgot about the nettles when my foot sank in the cow poo …

Towers Lane, Alvanley


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