Snake Pass to Torside Clough (Bleaklow)

Sunday, 23 October, 2011 – 7.25 miles

Written several months later.

The second day of half-term, from Edale Youth Hostel. We parked on the road on the Snake Pass where we had stopped yesterday. It was even windier and we had to grab things to stop them blowing out of the boot!

We started on a very well-defined and level path across the moor, running in a bit of a hollow. We were glad of the stone slabs as some parts were just a peaty morass!

Bleaklow path

After crossing a deep valley cut by a stream we started heading uphill, much of the way along a stream. The top of Bleaklow is quite flat with wind-carved rocks dotted around – it’s as bleak as the name implies. We didn’t actually see the Wain Stones (but perhaps we didn’t look very hard) and we carried on further – it was too cold and windy to stop.

The landscape began to change, as we walked down the sides of a valley cut by a stream. We stopped at a point where it met another stream (we climbed up the other side so we wouldn’t have to climb down and up again on the next walk), sat on a large rock for lunch, and headed back the way we had come. We didn’t continue to the road at Crowden, as we had to head home for a concert that evening.


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