Crowden to Black Hill

25th August, 2011 – 10.3 miles

This was our first walk on the Pennine Way, but not at the start. It’s also being written some months in retrospect.

We were camping at Crowden Campsite, having decided to risk the weather despite the pessimistic forecast. The previous day we’d had a sunny cycle ride along the Longdendale Trail and the weather looked set to stay fine.

We packed up the tent and left the car over to the side of the campsite. The Pennine Way started a few hundred yards up the track from the campsite, and we set off uphill. The route continued up the left hand side of the valley, climbing quite steeply away from the stream. I didn’t realise quite how steep it had been until we came down.

We had lunch sitting on a rocky edge, and the route continued to be fairly level from here on. We had to cross and ford several streams on the way up. The TV mast at Black Hill was visible for much of the time, and we had thought that was where we were headed, but the path led further north to the trig point. It was flat and boggy round here, and although we had considered going back a different route, we decided not to, partly after seeing how boggy it was, and thinking how easy the route finding up had been (lots of slabs on the path through the worst of the peaty bits).

Although it had seemed to take a lot longer getting up than expected, the route down seemed quick (but surprisingly steep near the end, as I said). Still hot when we got back to the campsite, so we sat down gratefully with ice lollies!


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